What Spring Thinks About Falling in Love

            What Spring Thinks 
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Falling in love from Spring's point of view

What Spring Thinks About Falling in Love

Falling in love,

Like morning dew departing from green leaves Creating a pulsing note against the glassy stream

Like a bud blooming into vibrant colors A beauty the butterflies are willing to rest their wings on

Like a chorus of twitters and squeaks of the small and brave Of the birds and the rodents searching for a day's meal

Falling in love,

Like grey clouds moving in to cry rain Nudging those trapped in alacrity to hide away

Like lightning hooking one's peripheral vision Warning those confined in reverie to murmur unwillingness

Like thunder pounding against deaf earsdrums Forcing the heart to scream and fight against the ribcage

Falling in love,

It's there, The sweet and the sour The hope and the doubt.

It's spring, Be it sunny or shower!

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