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There was a time when my only treasure was a pink diary, and my only friend was a purple colored gel pen

Pink Diary

In some mornings,

The mornings light doesn't cast down by bed,

I can perceive gray clouds as whatever I want to see

And I'd wonder when the sun would come

To blind my dreamy tired eyes

The clock keeps ticking,

Gently guiding me down the passage of time,

A time when my only treasure was a pink unicorn diary

And the only friend I had was a purple colored gel pen

To write my awkward musings

I softly touch my lips,

My lips that contrast against the bitterness I feel,

As I remember passages of Him that I wrote

When I was love struck and naive

The girl with the weird pink diary

My feet dragged me,

Down the bedside into the labyrinth

My hand reached for the once bright pink book,

Now stained with gray clouds like the ones up the sky

Forgotten as I age with failures

I flipped the cover,

On the first page was my name written in cursive

Frail and dainty just like the girl I was

It reminds me of how stronger I've become now

With bold and rounded pen art

The sun comes up,

My phone vibrates and shatters my nostalgia

I don my black suit and painted my lips with rouge

My hair clipped up nice and tidy to please the intellectuals

And the final touch, my classy round glasses

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