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In a steampunk world, a boy created a steam powered airplane for the first time.


"It flies!" People cheered. Flying wouldn't be a mere dream. Aside from the seas, the skies would also be mapped!

The growling of engines and the clacking of gears whispered in my ears. The wind was slapping my cheeks, whipping my hair, and knocking my goggles.

I gritted my teeth to hold the grin I was about to make.

I had made wings that could carry me to the air. An invention no one else had ever made-- from metal and steam.

I willed the craft to go faster and the engine revved louder until the screams of the people below no longer penetrated my ears.

They were excited, amazed, gobsmacked. But I knew I could make something better than this rickety wings one day. Said rickety wings clacked and trembled.

Looking forward, my eyesight was blinded by the sun. The wind had distracted me from the heat, but it was as if I was driven by my heart. So I subconsciously piloted my aircraft towards the sun.

Like Icarus. The tale which motivated me. The tale which I ridiculed countless of times.

I am not as stupid as Icarus, yet just like him, I went closer to the sun. A million miles away.

My wings won't melt. I won't plummet down.

My machines click-clacked again. A cloud blocked the sun. I wobbled.

I broke out of my reverie and quickly guided the craft to land. The engines huffed and puffed and whined. I finally broke a sweat, gauging the remaining distance to land.

When I was about two meters off ground, I quickly jumped out of the metallic wings. I rolled against the grass. My sporadic eyesight saw the aircraft sliding across the ground before it exploded against a large rock.

A deafening crunch birthed flames.

The farmers and shepherds of the hill gasped and screamed, but I thanked the heavens that I was more fortunate than Icarus.

I believed this mercy was a chance for me to make a better aircraft, and lead my people to the higher planes!

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