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You know, I've always been afraid of the prospect of turning upside down. Why wouldn't I? Why wouldn't anyone?

Downside Up

You know, I've always been afraid of the prospect of turning upside down. (See I'm babbling? That's me being a terrified loser)

Why wouldn't I? Why wouldn't anyone? (Grateful people wouldn't be afraid? Are there still grateful people in my world?)

Human error, conspiracies, accidents, natural disaster, fate. A million X factors that can drag me down. (So many possibilities and more, how can I pray to avoid each and everyone of them?)

The higher I climb, the easier it will be for me to slip and just, fall. (I expect it to happen every second just to comfort myself)

I thought the solution is to just stay in the middle, but I underestimated myself (Yeah, I'm an ambitious prick)

Knowing the imminent danger, what's at stake, I climb up anyway (You probably imagine me like Jack climbing the beanstalk)

Higher and higher, until you are just a dot I barely see from my spot. (I barely remember how you smiled when I asked you to climb with me)

Yet your words I always put to heart, a remedy to my phobic heart. (That's not right. What remedy!)

"If you aren't fond of upside down, change it to downside up. See, even if you slip, you can strive again" (Rather than giving me words of comfort, why won't you climb up with me?)

You are stubborn, I am stubborn. I'm waiting for you to be downside up, and you're probably waiting for me to be upside down (Lucky I'm wrong, or we won't meet each other at the bottom)

My fear is replaced by resentment, a fuel driving me up. (Can you endure waiting for me? Follow me, please)

Nevertheless, I look forward to meeting you again, down below, only to climb up again and fall again in an endless carousel of downside up upside down. (And when I'm tired, who knows, I'll stay with you below)

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