On Fields of Blood
On Fields of Blood short story stories

nelito Depressed poet
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A man realizes the truth about his - and humanity's - struggle.

On Fields of Blood

It's like awakening from a dream

A sound of rupturing leather, while I hear a brief gasp

The rest of the symphony brings up a sudden reflux

There is no time to regret what I have done

I lift my banner, there's a sharp point in its end

My lord's coat of arms is tinged in blood

The battle begins

While my eyes zigzag in a daze,

my ears react to the cries of another hapless man

It's quick; the pain spreads, sharpening my senses

The next moment, we are on the ground, while I struggle to reach a bloodied dagger

My lungs ache; I am gasping for air

My vision blurs, now the blade looks farther away

Behind his teeth, the man said things I coundn't make of

Words of spite, a prayer or simple snarls,

those sounds repeated themselves

even after he was silenced by a strike in his throat

I was too close. There was too much blood

It was... revolting

I pushed the body over to the side, swiping the sweat off my face

while the smell impregnated my nostrils

The sound was similar to a cup of whine being spilled

I noticed the eyes of that man turning into spheres devoid of life

Suddenly I am surprised by an abrupt and involuntary gasp for air,

I had forgotten to breath

Still on the ground, I turn my gaze to the horizon

We were alone already; what had remained was a pile of men of luck

All dead

In front of me, just some yards ahead, the slaughter continued

The sounds of breaking bones while the ravens block away the sun

The burn of an open wound

Everything will be over soon, but, for those of us who remain alive, it will never end

I distribute the weight of my body over my knees in a sloppy way

A twinge of pain courses trough my spine

Finally, the sweat from my brow merges with that man's blood

and my eyes turn to the gruesome scene of my brothers shouting the name of God

Every sacrifice strenghtening our cause

Or so we were told

Now I understand an immutable truth

No matter how many eons go by,

or how many nations fall

No matter how many reasons are crafted to justify our sins

Nothing will change


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