Angel Maker and Her (Part Three)
Angel Maker and Her
(Part Three) mentalillness stories

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Is something going to happen between them?

Angel Maker and Her (Part Three)

I walked into the lobby and everyone started taking their seats for lunch. I dropped my bag off outside on the bench and then decided to try to force some food down my throat.

I stepped back inside into the lobby and a cool breeze hit my face and sent shivers down my back.

Cassie quickly walked up behind me, "Monique!" I stopped in my tracks and threw a smile on before looking back. "Hi love, what's up?" She smiled back and looked over into the lobby.

"The new kid has our lunch, his name's Reese." I scanned through the crowd of people and didn't see anyone new. "Where is he?" She took my wrist and led me through the maze of tables.

Then there he was, sitting alone.

"Hey, your Reese right?" He looked up at me, his eye bags were dark, and his beautiful brown eyes were daring. "Yea," his voice was calming, his face empty of any expressions.

We exchanged names, Cassie shook in her shoes. "Do you have any Social Media by chance?" I could tell he had become annoyed, but he swept it off and played a smile.

He gave me and Cassie his socials. Nothing seemed to truly make him give off any sort of care about anything.

His smile was perfect. I knew nothing about this boy, but he still amazed me by doing nothing. Natural charmer. Still, everything he did was different from everyone else.

I couldn't pinpoint it, and it drove me insane. Everything he did was perfect, yet it was obvious he was being torn from the inside out like me.

Was I the only one noticing? Everyone else fell to his feet claiming they loved him. He would just look at them and ignore them.

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