Angel Maker and Her (Part Four)
Angel Maker and Her
(Part Four) new-kid stories

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Angel Maker and Her (Part Four)

"Hey, your Reese right?" I looked up and there stood some girl. Her eyes sparkled, and she smiled, but it was a fake. That girl next to her, I sat by in English I believe.

"Yea," the girl with somewhat short hair was shaking. she has anxiety I'm guessing. "My name is Monique, and the one next to me is Cassie. You had her in your last hour I believe.

" Her smile was just enough to convince someone it was real. She pushed her hair behind her ear and continued.

"Do you have any Social Media by chance?" I didn't want anyone to leach on me but what the hell am I going to lose. I gave the girls my Insta.

Cassie started staring at me all blushed up. Monique was scrolling on her phone blank-faced.

"Oh my gosh! These tricks on the skateboard are amazing! You are so cool, hope I'm not freaking you out!" That's interesting, one second she's completely numb then the next jumpy and excited?

This isn't right, is she trying to get something out of me? I smiled to the best of my ability and thanked her.

The girls dragged me outside with them, another guy was waiting on the bench. He had light brown hair that slid across his forehead. Tall but I was slightly towering him.

"This is Haden, Haden this is Reese," His eyes darted at me. He acted as I stepped on his territory. He spoke with an angered voice "Where'd you pull this one from shorty?"

Monique got offensive saying she wasn't short and that Cassie had found me. "Honestly, you kinda are short," I looked down at her smiling.

Something about her was different and I wanted to learn about it. "What are you five foot two?" She crossed her arms and scoffed.

"I'm five one for your information, Cassie's five foot five mess with her." Monique threw her thumb back pointing towards her. She shivered, embarrassed, and told her to stop pointing.

"So you're the new kid hu?" Haden sharpened his glare on me, I don't know if he's trying to scare me or what but it's not working. All this kid is doing is making himself look stupid.

I raised my chin and ran my fingers through the front of my hair. Felt like silk.

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