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(A/N) There is cursing so if u don't like cursing don't read also Shoutout to @immanerd2 she requested I do this so hope yall like it or don't like it.

Bakugou Katsuki X Reader

(A/N) There is cursing so if u don't like cursing don't read also Shoutout to @immanerd2 she requested I do this so hope yall like it or don't like it.

Name: [ f/n ] [ l/n ]

Class: 1-A

Quirk: Hydrokinesis (Water Manipulation: Most powerful when around a large body of water, however can still be used from her own sweat/body fluid)

Limit: Can immediately get dehydrated and can fall dizzy or faint from using large doses of water.

Weakness: Fire

Bakugou never liked it when someone was proving him wrong. Especially if it starts to get personal too. Bakugou wasn't that type to express himself with words either.

But one day during a class field trip, he just had to end up being stuck with Kirishima Eijirou and someone mysterious plus quiet like [ f/n ] [ l/n ].

[ f/n ] was actually a transfer student that came in halfway through the second month of their first year.

He didn't remember seeing her at the entrance ceremony and doesn't know a single clue on what kind of quirk she has that got her into Yuuei Academy.

At a time like this, Bakugou thought that this was the worst way possible to think about what kind of student she really is.

Villains had started to raid the area and soon, all of the students were scattered into various zones around the site.

"Shit at a time like this.."

"Hey, new student! I have no idea what you're quirk is but you better stay back if you wanna stay alive!"

"Hey, I have a name you know!"

She huffed as she was slightly squished in between the two males, their backs pressing against her to provide her as much protection as possible.

Kirishima chuckled awkwardly at their slight interaction before one had decided to attack while he was off guard. That was when the fight had started.

Left and right, Bakugou and Kirishima were punching away the enemies. Trying to help, you grabbed a pipe and smacked a guy away from Bakugou who was trying to approach him from behind.

Bakugou did the same as he jumped over you and smashing him to the ground.

"Wow, who knew that you could be useful."

"I still have a name, you know that!?"

"Guys, stop bickering for a bit and watch out!"

Both Bakugou and [ f/n ] looked to where his voice was coming from and stood ready in case there was an attack.

It was quiet for a moment before someone's hand had grabbed [ f/n ]'s ankle and had brought her down onto the ground floor.

She screamed as she was immediately brought down, Bakugou following her. Eijirou looked around and saw no enemies and followed him to the first floor, where there were a couple more waiting.

You were soon held hostage and was squirming in the villains' arms as he held a rough built dagger from scrap metal.

"The hell, let me go!"

"Not until your friends here, surrender to us."

"Sh-Shit..Bakugou, what do we do..?"

At first, Bakugou had nothing that he could think of. Especially since his classmate was captured and they were surrounded, he had to actually think about his actions.

While he was trying to come up with a quick plan, he heard a disapproved grunt from [ f/n ]'s direction and looked at her.

"Geez, I thought I was never going to be able to use my quirk."


You could see how drenched the palm of her hands were and that it was soaking in sweat.

She faced her right palm into the man who was holding her hostage, shooting him back from the strong force of water coming at him.

She stood her ground as she faced the slightly stunned crowd before she pointed at one villain.


The two males heard her laugh as she snapped her fingers before his whole head was surrounded by a large bubble.

She soon immediately created it for the rest of the 5 villains as they all struggled for air.

Once they had all passed out from the lack of oxygen, [ f/n ] had let out a tired sigh before looking at her still stunned classmates.

She was confused to why they were just standing there, approaching her classmates with a determined smile.

"Let's get out of here and help the others. They could be in danger."

She ran out of the building first, jumping down from the gaping hole that was broken down from the previous villains.

Kirishima was running after you but noticed that Bakugou wasn't following him.

He looked over his shoulder, about to call out to him before he caught Bakugou's cheeks burst into a reddish pink color and his cheeks literally exploding.

Kirishima was slightly caught off guard as he sent him a smug grin. Bakugou looked at Kirishima, his brows creased together but his cheeks still flustered.

"Wh-Why are you looking at me like that, hah!?"

"Oh ~ I guess I was caught staring ~ my bad ~"


He growled after Kirishima as he chased him out of the building, explosions coming from everywhere. [ f/n ] saw the two jump down from the gaping hole, a smile forming on your lips.

She laughed, starting to head back to where Aizawa-Sensei was. She hadn't realized that small blooming color of pink blossom from her cheeks as she continued to lead the way.

Sooooo adorable!!

Sorry if it was kind short

Tell me if u want part 2 ok bye

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