A long week (Part 1)
A long week (Part 1) stories

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A long week (Part 1)

by neilari

On Sunday

He didn't go to church. She should have known better when he said it was just a headache. Headaches never stopped him from going to church before.

On Monday

He didn't go to work. And like church, he always went. She believed he was just sick.

On Tuesday

She found out the truth. Found empty bottles of alcohol. Found new ones waiting for him in the frig. Guess he was too drunk to hide them properly or too drunk to even care if she knew.

On Wednesday

She took his alcohol. Poured each bottle down the drain. She knew tricking him wouldn't keep him away. So she took his care keys too.

On Thursday

She knew something was wrong when he didn't pick up the phone. Found hidden alcohol in places that she didn't know excisted. Found him laying on the floor naked with blood on his head.

On Friday

After the time at the hospital, and some sobriety had come, He said sorry. It was not enough.

On Saturday

She wanted it to be normal day.

On Saturday

She went back to work.

On Saturday

She did not cry.

On Saturday

She felt her self go numb slowly inside.

On Saturday

She fell apart at the end of the day.

On Sunday

She was done, and she walked away.

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