Tales of Respite - Part 1
Tales of Respite - Part 1 fantasy stories

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Two assassins of different factions quietly traverse a great hall with possibly the same target.

What are they both after? What will happen in their eventual confrontation?

Sorry that Part 1 is so short! I do have more, but I'm re-working some things and have hit a mental block. Working on more as you read this. Feedback welcome.

Tales of Respite - Part 1

Keywords marked with, "*" will be defined at the end.

A shadow crept and a creeper slinked, neither of them noticing the other. The darkness was at a perfect shade to wonderfully blend every piece of decor that was dotted along the *Amphi-Hall.

Some of the decorations were set in a way to where they unintentionally danced in hand with the night's darkness,

folding together different angles and lighting in such a way that it created pockets of shadow that provided near perfect invisibility.

A thing, such as light, could not hope to dwell in those shadows, only the pitch-black of night.

Perhaps this cosmic arrangement was on purpose, perhaps it was, "feng shui," it did not matter.

The Shadow and The Creeper knew full well how to use the current environment for their personal gain.

Two very different beings, with very similar skills, heading in the same direction, both quite unaware of the other's presence.

The reason for this circumstance coming about can be blamed in equal measure on both parties; for the very simple fact that they severely suffer from the sin of hubris.

Part 1 End

*Amphi-Hall: A hallway built with sound and tune in mind. Performers entertain prestigious guests by walking up and down the hall; singing their hearts out so loud that the echoes might reach the gods.

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