to the boy made of glaciers and thick skin
to the boy made of glaciers and thick skin poems stories

nefarious nobody said living was easy
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ice & misery ; that's what you are.

to the boy made of glaciers and thick skin

you've become a puddle of insecurity,

a pool of neglect and self-loathing

because the only home you ever had was the one

inbetween another's arms and underneath

their ribcage.

you never wanted to become so reliant

on someone as temporary as ice

and just as gelid.

maybe warm winter nights and hot

chocolate could melt your glacial exterior

once upon a time, but old habits die hard

and now you're trapped in the body

of the person you used to be,

not the person you ache to become.

you've been built out of diamonds

but even unbreakable rocks have cracks

in their exterior that make them vulnerable.

insults are your defense mechanism

because you think visible imperfections

make you weak

but it's your incessant need to reaffirm

your masculinity that is truly your greatest weakness.

boys can cry too;

even the ones made of glaciers and thick skin.

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