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nefarious nobody said living was easy
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a different kind of love, but twice as bright


in dewy summer mornings, i am in your arms and in your heart.

in stormy winter nights I am tucked below your chest and beneath your ribcage

through sun and snow my soul is eternally yours to keep.

the smile on your lips is worth more than the silver on your finger

when you cry I am the cushion you sob into with your hands full of regret and a heart of anguish

I offer the comfort you crave and the affection you deserve.

no one in this universe could ever love you more than I do.

the man you kiss is not the man you love, the woman you hold is not the woman you covet

when you are awake and when you are not, I rest my head on your stomach to keep you warm

in comfort and in truth you place your hand on my head and I love you.

(especially when you rub in between my ears)

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