My Flawed Past...
My Flawed Past... melancholy stories

needtowritemore A confused teen who writes pretty good
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We have here a human, haunted by his past and we discover that his past is not a typical one......

My Flawed Past...

I am fed up, tired of the incessant references to my past.

Can't they see and respect me for who I am now? Its hard for me to keep going about my daily routines with the ever present whispering around me.

Okay, I get it. I am not exactly innocent but I know that I definitely do not deserve having to spend the rest of my existence under the scrutiny of innumerable judging noses.

It is becoming impossible to justify what I had done 3 years back and that was breaking me apart slowly but surely.

I know you must be really confused right now so here's a helpful flashback to help you feel less confused.

To Be Continued.........

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