An Inspiring Essay on the Current Coronavirus Pandemic
An Inspiring Essay on the Current Coronavirus Pandemic inspiring stories

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An inspiring essay on the current Coronavirus pandemic' I actually wrote this for the UNESCO essay writing competition. But, it didn't qualify.

An Inspiring Essay on the Current Coronavirus Pandemic

I actually wrote this for the UNESCO essay writing competition. But, it didn't qualify.

so i posted it here in the hope that someone will feel a little more hopeful on reading this.

It really is my best essay......

Right now I have no idea who is reading this,

logically you could be a person who is feeling excessive stress and pressure due to the outbreak or maybe you could even be somebody from the future generations reading this essay for

their school homework when my essay gets published. (I am always being hopeful like that )

I have heard someone say that this is a time for humanity, creativity, connection - and yes even humour. I wholeheartedly agree with the thoughtful soul who has said this.

There is a certain irony on how we all have been waiting suspense fully for the World War 3 to bring about the dreaded apocalypse and suddenly nature throws this virus at our face.

"Our ability to reach Unity in Diversity will be the beauty and test of our nation" ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Our India has always bragged over our unity in times of need.

(In fact our textbooks are full of it) The first quote that comes to our mind while describing India is actually "Unity in Diversity".

So, this is a chance for us to look beyond our textbooks and recognize this as a much needed opening to prove to our forefathers our unity in this situation.

Now If you are sensible enough you should have one question with the title-

Which is how can we be stronger together if we are to be away from each other. (unless I am asking you to disobey the rules by the government)

The answer - No I am not at all asking you to be a rebel (STAY AT HOME KIDDOS)

I am asking you all to stay united in your thought process (our way of thinking).

It is a common fact that our way of thinking defines our habits and our habits define our actions and ultimately they all define our future/destiny.

I have total confidence that as long as stay together in our thinking ,we will make it through.

The stronger we are in our mental and emotional self-care, the more healthy we will stay, and the stronger we will be for our family, friends and the world.

Perhaps Mother Nature has become irritated due to our disobedience and our squabbles with each other and grounded us to our rooms to reconcile and ponder about our misbehaviour.

The saying that - "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" stands true when we see that many of my age who have never really noticed or cared about the raw beauty of nature have been poking

our noses at the windows to get a sniff of nature. I expect that it is a fine sight for elders to see us kids desperately begging for a walk in the garden.

Okay, back to our title

Solidarity -

(a definition)- unity or agreement of feeling or actions especially among individuals with a common interest.

(I have given you the above definition because I know that you are kind of confused with the meaning of solidarity and I need you to be clear about it so that you can understand

my ramblings written below.)

The word solidarity might not seem important at all. But, if it is gone the world will be in havoc.

Right now the most important thing in which we all need to be in solidarity is Social distancing. Social distancing in this outbreak does not mean complete isolation or staying lonely.

Technology offers innumerable ways to be in touch with your family, friends and your community.

I know you are feeling that I am just pointing out the obvious but I also know that you all are feeling so demotivated that you do not even wanna respond to the messages and calls from

your friends relatives and that slightly cool uncle which you met at the last wedding you went to.

But listen to me and push your selves and answer all the calls and dms because that contacts will remind you that you are not in this alone and the fresh talk and gossip will make you feel

a lot more motivated and normal. Trust me and go respond to the messages.

Another solidarity you need to maintain is with your parents even if they are making you crazy with their eternal pessimistic whatsapp messages and then screaming at you to do

the jhadu-pocha (sweeping-mopping) properly. But you do know better than anyone else which state of mind your parents are in.

So what you can do is tone down your teenage rebellion attitude cause this is NOT the time for it...

I will now finally conclude my essay by saying a mental prayer to all those who have read this essay to stay safe, protected and happy in this difficult times.

( I am sorry if I just sounded like a drama queen but it just felt right to end this essay with those words).

By- Angelina Shukla

Age- 14

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