You Hear A Crash

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You hear a crash: A poem

You Hear A Crash

by Bailey

You hear a crash, so you go outside.

And outside you see,

A thousand people breaking their hearts.

Some with tools,

Some with the help of others,

And some with their own hands.

So you take out your own heart, and throw it to the ground.

Stomping on it,

Over, and

Over, and


And you finally feel that emptiness,

That you never knew you needed.

And you finally understand, why all of those thousands of people,

Decided to break their heart.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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Excellent parable. You nailed a truth that I have been trying to tell people for decades. No one and no thing can break your heart. If your heart is broken, it is because you wanted it to be and broke it yourself. Great post!!!!!

5 months agoReply is so amazinggggg