Textured feelings
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Textured feelings and what we feel...

Textured feelings

by needmy_space

Have you ever felt an object or a thing, and a feeling of emotions run through you?

Have you ever felt fresh fallen snow?

The coldness burns, but eventually your fingers turn numb. You feel almost... nostalgic.

Or a lover's body radiating onto you, warming you from the inside out?

This feeling is easy to distinguish. You simply feel their soul touching your skin, and you feel protected.

The back of a paper, after furiously writing with ink?

That's your story. Your words coming to life and becoming something you can touch and see.

As you know, we have 5 senses.





And touch.

Out of all of these senses, touch is the most important.

Because with touch,

There are a million more emotions to be experienced,

And a million more things to touch.

That's why people say they FEEL an emotion.

Take a minute to appreciate the things around you that you can feel, and the emotions that come with that textured feeling.

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