A long Fall

needmy_spaceWho knows
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What depression is like.

A long Fall

By Bailey

As you look over the edge, at the abyss below you, Someone shoves you.

And for what seems like hours, you fall. Never quite sure if you will ever reach the bottom.

"What happens when I reach the bottom?" You ask. But after a certain point, you don't really care what happens, as long as its over.

And finally, you land. It is not the ground you were expecting, however. It is instead a pool of tar.

No matter how much you struggle and pull, There seems to be no way out.

With so little energy left, you decide to just sit there, and rest your eyes. "It's okay if I just stay here". You thought. "No one would really notice if I was gone anyways".

Even though you've already given up, something still pushes you, It's not a lot of force, but enough to get you up. With that, you stand up and look around at your surroundings.

Darkness. You can't even see your hands in front of your face.

Coldness. You can feel your body shaking.

And the last thing that overpowers all these other feelings and emotions,

Emptiness. Loneliness. Miles of this feeling, in all directions.

And more than anything, you want to sink to the floor, close your eyes, and


But that darkness, coldness, and emptiness, Never let you do.

This is what depression feels like.

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@needmy_space you're welcome:)

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@seventeenly thank you!

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You have wonderfully crafted, how depression feels like.

5 months agoReply
For a lot of those people who have survived long term depression sleep is just a prelude to death a short term releaf from the never ending call of home