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neeco ~bi-guy~
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My first poem about me and my thoughts~


No one can speak and always get heard,

No one can cry without being judged,

No one can laugh without having reason,

No one can love without feeling hatred.

So why not stay quiet?

So why not just suck it up?

So why just laugh in your head?

So why love than just being alone?

Why this?...

Why that?...

Why can't you?...

Why won't you?...

Why do you?...

Why? Why? Why?

Everyone has someone,

While I have myself.

Everyone has a reason,

So where's mine?

Everyone can speak

And be heard.

Everyone can cry

And have comfort.

Everyone can laugh

Just to be happy.

Everyone can love

And yet they are accepted.

Why be heard...?

Why cry...?

Why laugh...?

Why love...?



Everyone wants to be heard!

Everyone wants to cry sometimes, Just to get it out!

Everyone wants to laugh, So they have a reason to smile!

And everyone loves, Even if they aren't accepted!


Not everyone has a voice,

Not everyone has scars,

Not everyone has joy,

Not everyone is allowed to love.

What about Me?

I have no voice,

I have no tears,

I have barely any joy,

I have no permission to love,

So why stay?

I stay so I can find my voice,

So I can find comfort,

So I can find my joy,

But I can't love,

Not now,

Not ever,

And that's the way it is.

But all I know is that my reason to live,

Is to find...


And that's enough.


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