Glass Castle
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neeco ~bi-guy~
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A poem for the facing reality contest!

Glass Castle

You in your glass castle, you feel you're worth the crown,

and everyone around you sees you are so proud,

you are the princess that the world adores, little do they know what you keep behind closed doors.

You in your glass castle, your only but a fake,

you try to hide the pain, the pain won't go away.

You hide your golden rainbow deep within your heart,

but what they don't know won't hurt them,

even if you fall apart.

You in your glass castle, in front of king and queen,

would they treat you different, if they realized they had a prince?

cause one word could shatter the fragile home you've come to love and know,

but no more hiding, as you open up the stone door.

So you in your shattered castle, no walls to keep you safe,

and everyone who adored you say you're a disgrace.

You showed them a treasure, the golden rainbow no longer in the dark.

The world around you starts to fall apart, cause they never understood why you are the way you are.

You in your shattered castle don't care what they say any longer,

cause the hate that they have is what reality is really like, no wonder.

As you take a piece of glass and cut off strings of, red-brown,

Your frown turns upside down.

You receive the confidence to step away from home,

on a quest to find acceptance from somebody unknown.

In a world of knives and darkness, a spark will lead you home.

So again you, on a quest to find a home,

little do you know others like you, are cheering you on,

as they wait in their castles of gold.

NeEco Out!~

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