i want to hear my innocence fracture
i want to hear my innocence fracture sex stories

necromanthicc 15, colorado, i write poetry
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this is my first poem im putting on here wow. it was written about someone really important to me :) can you even post just poetry on here? god idk how this site works

i want to hear my innocence fracture

my body is glass and with your fingertips you can shatter my façade and let passion flow from the pieces. I want the memory of you to be stained in my mind, your mark on my skin.

I want to memorize the look in your eyes as you take me, the feeling of your gentle body pressed against mine.

I want to know what you look like when you wake up.

I want to trace the bone range of your hips with the tips of my fingers and watch your eyelids tremble from their dark valleys into the waking world; I want to be the first thing you see, my silhouette faded pink and yellow by the morning light.

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