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One word that can save a life or kill one.

When I saw you

The bell rang and crowds of students flooded the humid hallways

Hot, sweaty bodies thrown together, moving, always moving towards classrooms and lockers

I sighed as I looked at the hallway clock, aware that I was going to be late for history

A loud bang suddenly resonated through the packed hallway. Multiple heads turned, including mine but most people just kept on walking

A tall senior had slammed a frail looking boy against the lockers, making the metal chatter its teeth.

The frail boy was in the same grade as me, that I knew for sure. His name was unknown but he was in my every class

He begged the bully to let go of him, to release him from his hold

The bully ignored his fevered calls and continued to slam him again and again against the shaking metal containers

The beaten up boy looked up, saw my eyes staring at him. When I saw you, you silently pleaded me to save you, to lend a helping hand to those in need

But the crowd kept moving, and so did I. Tearing my eyes away from the suffering boy, tearing my eyes away from a precious life wavering, about to be snuffed out by the bullying, battering winds.

The next day, the bell rang and crowds of students flooded the humid hallways.

Everything was the same as before, except the beaten up boy was nowhere to be seen, not in any of my classes, not at lunch or the end of school too.

The next day we were all called by the principal. He grimly announced bad news. The boy I had seen being bullied, had taken his own life after school.

That day I learned that the boy's name was Leonard. But I was too late to save him

And even till now when I am a middle aged man.

I wonder what life that boy would of had in front of him had I answered his pleads.

I wonder what changes to the world he would have made.

I wonder and regret my former choices

I wonder what would of happened if I wasn't so mainstream

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