The Metropolis of Light

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The Earth's cries echo through this empty shell. Waiting and waiting to be restored. But time is cruel as so are the people. So we sit alone, waiting, for the Metropolis of Light

The Metropolis of Light

The city was bathed in a golden light as showers of silver slipped through the city

A thin fog of mist lingered in the morning air as the early dew drops trickled down the plants

The clouds of grey christened the skies above with silver linings of light

The glimmering sea reflected clearly, the mirrored skies of the heavens

Deep in the heart of the city, busy crowds of people rushed about in their morning business.

The beating pulsating heart of a blessing, people called us, the very soul of the world.

But this was a very long time ago.

The city was plunged into never ending darkness, as acidic drops of hell flooded the streets.

A thick plume of pollution covered the air with smog

The raging blurs of black in the sky tore anger through the greyed skies

The trashed sea was covered in limp, lifeless bodies. Plastic and paper everywhere

Deep in the core of the hellish town, nothing but ghosts of its former residents remained. The residue still lingering in the mournful air.

The Dead's realm, the outsiders now called us, the Devil's very dwelling.

And now the abandoned town sits alone in middle of a shadow. Waiting and waiting.

To be called to

once again...

The Metropolis of Light

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