The bullet that never reached me
The bullet that never reached me insomnia stories

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A bullet that never wounded me,
nor hit me hard like a wall.
Instead it aimed for my companion,
so it was fate that brought us here now.

The bullet that never reached me

by necromancer

that day in 1968

when I was still a young soldier

never knowing the experiences of war

and the blood that it stained on a mind

that day I leant the meaning

of a friend and a life

On the camp when dusk was setting

and the forest sweltering with heat

I learnt that life was not merciful

that it took the living within

we were ambushed by an enemy patrol

and it was chaos at first light

the sound of guns and firing

among the screams of the injured and dying

on that lonely horizon

I stood frozen with fear

and when the enemy shook his gun

and took aim at me and released

it was only then I reacted

but it was much too late at the time

my friend Lewis jumped out in front of me

and fell dead to my feet

It was then I learnt that life

was not meant for the unsuited

I carried Lewis's limp, lifeless body

amongst the gunfires and explosion

and shrapnel that pierced my skin

Lewis and I walked away

and now Lewis and I, will forever be together for eternity

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