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Secret songs.<br/>Are for the unliving.<br/>The unbreathing<br/>The unseeing

Secret Song

by issycoconut

I'm Dante. I used to have a secret song. One that cheered me up every day.

When I was alone. Surrounded my monsters. People can't see. I'd sing my secret song. A secret song within me.

Some nights I can't sleep. On this mossy bed outside. I remember the cries. Of my friends deep inside.

Then I would sing. My secret song. About sad melancholy. I sing.

My secret song went away. One dull winter's day. I sat alone. Surrounded by my monsters. Not singing my secret song.

The reason why its secret. Is that people will never know. The song of my darkness. The light it never shows.

Sometimes I see the faces. The voices of the past. The dead comrades around me. The secret song will pass.

That winter's day. So fateful and gray. My heart aches with longing. To the hell my friends are laid.

To my secret song. When will you fly. I'll sit here for eternity. Until you come back.

To all the lost beings everywhere. Everyone has a song. For those who end up losing it. Like me you'll stray forever. But it's okay. It's a secret song. No one's meant to know. Like me, so alone.

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