Locked up Voices
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Locked up voices,
don't scream and shout,
instead they fight and dance and laugh,
in there head there's music,
but most of all the sound of SILENCE

Locked up Voices

by necromancer

Hear the voices in the wall?

Hear the voices that do call?

Screaming, shouting, days of pain,

People fighting everywhere

and so you say

its for the good and not the bad

you tell the world a story full of lies,

little do you know they know your fears

releasing the dogs from hell to sea

You're surrounded by darkness and shadows

the only light is your reflection

in the mirror you hold dear

but slowly you starve for the sound of people's voices

Hear that story that comes through?

See those bones lying in the prison?

Feel the anger, fear and constraint

ringing from the walls around you,

you wonder if those voices are real

or are they mirages in the water blue and clear.

You wonder out loud, fighting your way

through the bloody years of loneliness.

Hear the sound of the encore?

It sounds like they want more...

Hear the sound of the voices

pulling you down...

Hear the sound of the...


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