Levi's Guide To A Great Summer
Levi's Guide To A Great Summer aot stories

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Levi: How to spend your summer
Author: Shut up dwarf
Levi: ...
Levi: Go die in a hole

Levi's Guide To A Great Summer

by issycoconut

1: Summer Cleaning (Spring Cleaning but in the Summer) Important to clear out the dust monsters. You never know how many germs there are out there

2. Master cool tricks with the broom just to intimidate everyone It just looks cool

3. Learn to Dance with a napkin Don't ask about this

4. Learn to drink like this because I drink like this.

5. Trash talk every single person you see on the streets It makes me feel better

6. Lastly, learn to sass people with one look Levi: My personal favourite is to look down on people. Eren: From a horse? Levi: ... Eren: *Laughs and runs away whiles Levi chases him

Levi: And that's how to be me Thank you audience and low living scumbugs, the author is restraining me from using further words to describe you. The author is also getting mad now. She is-

Levi was getting annoying. I had to get him off page. He will not be available to talk to until he recovers. Thank You for your cooperation.

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