Into the mind of a Killer
Into the mind of a Killer murder stories

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I didn't know unbelievers bleed.<br/>The sound of them screaming when I punish them are so loud.<br/>But I know it's for the sake of Earth and God.<br/>I am a Saint, you know.

Into the mind of a Killer

by issycoconut

Dear Diary, So much trash on this earth... only the purest get to stay on this haven. I need to help God get rid of these unbelieving animals. Elliot

Dear Diary, Today I remembered the last words of my dad. He told me to help God wash the Earth of dirty souls. He said I'll be a saint if I do. The question is how should I do it. Elliot

Dear Diary, I banished my first soul today. It felt so good to punish the unbeliever. The screams were quite loud though. And I didn't know there would be so much blood. Elliot

Dear Diary, Sorry for not recording my thoughts for a long time.I was busy ridding the Earth of its grime. I've made great progress. I even have a collection of teeth from the unbelievers Elliot

Dear Diary, Why are people looking for me? I'm just helping the world. I better go now. I hear dogs barking and people shouting. Elliot

Dear Diary, The police were knocking on my door yesterday. So I punished them for being unpure too. I feel so loved with all my puppets helping me. Dad was right. I am a saint. Elliot

Dear Diary, The police are looking for me. I must escape now before they dirty my soul with their crimes. More later Elliot

Dear Diary, I've helped God so much. He must be so proud of me. He's calling me to heaven now. I can hear him. I'll go to him like my dad did. I'm quite excited. Elliot

Dear Diary, I didn't know that going to heaven hurt so much. My arms keep bleeding from these deep cuts I made for God. Why? I'm so confused. Elliot

Dear Diary, This is my last entry before I ascend to heaven. The police are chasing me now. I rather leave the Earth at my own hands. On a roof now. Bye bye Earth. Elliot

Dear Diary, It was so cold in the white room the men put me in. That's why I made a fire. It's really warm you know. This is the proper way to heaven it seems. Bye bye once again. Elliot

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