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a really depressing truth that was not supposed to be depressing.<br/>please do not go and do anything rash after reading this...<br/>because it's just a reminder.<br/>a reminder to live a life you want.

how humans work

by necromancer

1. The simple rule of revenge

Revenge is not easy to understand but when influenced by other members of society, it becomes something new. Nobody knows who made it up, but all humans need is an excuse to ruin others.

2. It's every man for himself

A human's most active instinct is survival. It's been built into our blood since the beginning of humankind, about 2.5 million years ago. Therefore, even though we are advancing ... (next page)

rapidly in technology, we at the base are still animals. In reality humans are willing to destroy everything for their own benefit, even if it means that they'll get destroyed along with it.

3. Points of views

Every human is born with a sense of right or wrong, but as they grow and mature, their points of views start to change with how they see the world. Bending reality is something (next page)

that a human is capable of doing, if it means that it will change the outlook of others to suit themselves.

4. In the end we're all just pitiful souls

A human may think that life is long, they throw away their youth for the fun of it. But little do they know, that death is always near. That's why at the end of each human's life, we (next page)

beg and plead for mercy, for our lives to be extended further.

5. The true meaning of love

Many humans have written about the 'amazing' power love can have on a person. Love is merely a mirage, something to fool ourselves with. A promise that will never be kept for long. (next page)

When humans 'love' it is something like a reassurance. Something that allows ourselves to feel important. In the end, it is only so we have an ally in life, someone to burden our worries with.

6. Promises that turn to ash and dust

This one is simple. A human promises many things. But every time is a complete lie. Just a reassurance to the person that you made it to. In the end, you're always going to break it.

Take note...

this is not something to be depressed about... at least make humans seem better by doing something to contribute to society...

Oh and one more thing!

You know how every grown up tells you that everything you do, no matter how big or small, you will have a big impact on the world, well they're wrong! The world is going to end anyways(next page)

and everything will be gone...

so live a life YOU want... not OTHERS

because in the end, at you brink of death, you will always have a flashback... and trust me, you do not want to end your life with depressing pictures of your life. :)

All I'm Saying...

Is that humans have made it through with one thing...

and that thing changes everything I've just said...

That thing is...


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