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something that is less recognized, something that stands alone, something that is not darkness, melancholy or loneliness,
only one thing means more to the world than gold, only one thing, is loathed by its people around.
that something is named at 'sadness'

bottomless sadness

by necromancer

a pit surrounds me

am I am in the middle

standing on a platform

stained by blood and rain

i've been here for eons

for centuries at a time

without a single soul

disturbing my thoughts in silence

although this silence grows lonely

and fades at every morning light

what makes me isn't darkness


or lack of light

what makes me is something deeper

that grows with all of your anguish

what makes me makes you sadder

than the scene of dying moonlight

yet through all the years i've come to

the earth was not soaked in red

this new era hurts me

and strengthens me at the same time

because i am the thing

that makes you all despair and wither

my name is one surrounded

by mountains of unbreakable glass

i am sadness

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