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check out the post! <3

updates + interviews

heya everyone! i didn't die i swear.

you all are probably wondering why i haven't been posting much... and a few others may not care but TOO BAD here's why i haven't been posting

i've been dealing with some serious writer's block, and along with that, something is happening with my stepsis @rosalynn_uwu and i'm trying my best to help her. she posts a lot too, so i'm keeping an eye on her to make sure nobody starts spreadin hate on her since i love her lots.

i would explain what is happening to my stepsis but... it's pretty dark. if you want specifics, dm me and i'll give them (with rosa's approval of course.)

send rosa some good luck, she needs it (her username is @rosalynn_uwu)

and now, for the second part of the title... interviews!

that's right. i'll be doing interviews so that i can have something to post while i deal with writer's block.

if you want to be interviewed, leave a comment saying so and either you can dm me, or i'll dm you.

that's it for now. bye!

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