soon enough episode one: perdite e guadagni

soon enough episode one: perdite e guadagni soon enough: the simulator stories

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don't get happy too quickly now, dear habiticians.......... :-)

soon enough episode one: perdite e guadagni

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[Flower Kid wakes up and looks at the screen in front of their bed. It is a replay of the PSA from the previous night. They watch it over again, getting worried about the ominous line at the end. Soon, someone speaks from the doorway.] Andy: Oi, what're you doing? It's afternoon, sleepyhead. You should be out n' about.

[Flower Kid looks over at Andy. They seem confused.] Andy: Wait a min, I know you... You're that kiddo who delivered flowers in Nat's neighborhood, aren't you? [Flower Kid nods.] Andy: Not much of a talker, eh? Nodding will suffice enough I suppose.

[Flower Kid is silent.] Andy: Anywho, you aren't gonna like... always nod, right? [Flower Kid shakes their head.] Andy: Well, that's good. In that regard... can I ask a favor of you? [Flower Kid nods.]

Andy: Thanks. So, you see... I lost my uh... what waz it... Andy: A-ha! My socks. I lost my socks. In fact, I can't wear my shoes cuz I lost my socks. Could you uh... find them for me? [Flower Kid nods.] Andy: Thank you, flower kiddo.

[The conversation went on a little longer. Soon, nighttime struck. A sweet smell filled the air.]

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