soon enough episode four: un incontro improbabile

soon enough episode four: 
un incontro improbabile soon enough: the simulator stories

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a new friend........ and another frown to fix.......... :-(

soon enough episode four: un incontro improbabile

> you chose to exit the room.

[Flower Kid exited the room, their eyes met with a bunch of new faces. Flower Kid could not decide who to talk to first, but they eventually decided to talk to Luci.] Luci: ... [Flower Kid starting backing away, feeling as if they had arrived at a bad time.] Luci: wAIT WAIT KID HOL' UP

[Flower Kid walked back up to Luci.] Luci: C-could ya... do me a solid, and help me get my locket from up on that camera? [Luci pointed to a security camera up high in a corner of the room, and there was a locket hanging over it, almost like a towel on a rack. Flower Kid looked up at the locket and then back at Luci, and nodded.]

Luci: Thanks, Flower Pal- You're... you're doing me a big favor with this, y'know? [Flower Kid went to their room, pulled the Hand from their bouquet, and grabbed a ball that was next to their bed, in hopes of using it to knock the locket down off of its high resting place.] Luci: Eh? Whuzzat? A ball?

Luci: Now, pally, this ain't the time to p- [Flower Kid threw the ball at the security cam, knocking it down along with the locket. This also seemed to ensure that they weren't bein' watched by god-knows-who.] Luci: Oh- that's what that ball was for? Wow, you're pretty smart. Here, now gimme that locket.

[Flower Kid gave Luci the locket.] Luci: Take this as my thanks. A candy bar should keep up that energy you have going on there. [Flower Kid received a Candy Bar. No brand name is listed on the wrapper.] Luci: Now you go have fun, pal. See you soon... maybe.

[Flower Kid nodded and then checked their stopwatch, from which they got from Andy after finding his socks. It was just about nighttime. They looked around, trying to decide whether or not to stay up again and face having another nightmare, or going to bed right here and now and being given a more peaceful PSA.]

[Soon enough, that sweet smell filled the air again. Flower Kid could feel themselves diving into slumber each time they inhaled the sweet-smelling air...]

do you want to stay up late again, or shall you go to bed now? > stay up late again or > go to bed

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