new sim idea: soon enough

new sim idea: soon enough simulator stories
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read the post! what're ya doing reading the description, bruv?

new sim idea: soon enough

yes ik i have too many sims but like,,, hear me out. i got this rlly fun sim idea and wanted to see if ya'll were interested by chance.

here's how it goes:

here's how it goes: it's based off of the game Smile For Me (pls play the game or watch a playthrough if you haven't already). a bunch of people have been brought to the Habitat cuz they're sad. now they'll be staying there until they're happy again!

the formatting will be similar to a play, therefore making it easier to write. kinda like blooming pixelation, but everyone's dialogue works like "(name): (dialogue)."

so, here's what i was wondering: if i were to make this sim, would any of ya'll join it? and if i do make it, i might end up canceling another sim cuz i have too many.

but yeah, if you're interested, lemme know in the comments and i may just make the sim!

bye-bye for now.

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