new sim: blooming pixelation

new sim: blooming pixelation blooming pixelation stories

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pls read. i really wanna do this hghhdb

new sim: blooming pixelation

yeah ik i decided a little early on the milestone thing but i loved this idea so i wanted 2 get it out there. i'll also be doing an art raffle, so stay tuned, miei cari!!

ok so here's the deal. i wanted to do a new sim based off of Joel G's ENA series, like i mentioned in my milestone post. again, if you haven't watched the series, please do! you can find it on youtube.

there is no limit to how many ppl can join. i want as many people to join this as possible, in fact! i just love this idea and i want other people to take part in it, cuz then it wouldn't rlly be a sim would it lol-

the character form is on the next page. i will not have an oc for this, as i will be acting as ENA themselves.

Name: Height: Speech Mannerisms: (just so i can get a feel for ur character's speech patterns) Appearance: Personality: (something short and simple, please)

there's also a tag for those who join to post incorrect quotes, character designs, and literally anything else relating to the sim!

the format is comparable to that of a screenplay of sorts. ENA's lines will be in quotation marks, and other characters will have a format like this: (Name): (dialouge) this is just to make the writing easier. actions will be shown with these brackets -> [ ]

if you're interested, just fill out the character form in the comments or in a separate post (just tag me so i can see it, the separate post is for if you wanna attach images or whatever)

that's all for now. volare via! - socks

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