Misunderstood sad stories

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A lonely girl who is totally misunderstood


I can feel the cold air around me as I climb up to the roof. The sounds of the cars feel distant even though the road is directly in front of the building.

I shiver a bit as I walk to the edge of the roof. I sit down on the freezing stone ledge. I let my feet hang in the air as I take a deep breath.

It's night but there are too many lights in the city to see any stars. I close my eyes. It feels nice to be alone for a while.

This is the first time in weeks that I feel like I don't have to think about anything at all. Nobody would believe me if I told them what I really feel.

Everyone thinks I'm the perfect girl with a perfect family, lots of friends, good grades and all the money anyone could ever need. But the truth is. My family is far from perfect.

Dad is not loyal to mom. Mom knows this, and she spends most of her days drinking alone. And when dad actually is at home, my parents just argue.

I don't have any real friends. My "friends" spend time with me only because of my money. I have no one I would consider a real friend.

The reason I get good grades is because I have too much time. When nobody wants to do anything, the only thing I can do is study. My parents don't really care about me but they still want me to be perfect.

Today this will end. I open my eyes and slowly stand up. I wrap my arms around me to protect me from the cold. I look down to the street. Everything's normal.

A few people are walking down the street, probably on their way home. Cars pass them but they won't pay any attention to the people. No one will notice a lonely girl on the roof of a building.

I think about all the people I once have cared about and maybe still do. I stand still, saying my final goodbyes in my head. I close my eyes again and unwrap my hands from my body.

I lift them to my sides and lean forwards. I feel my feet fall away from the edge of the building.

I smile to myself for the last time. I'm finally free from this world.

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