was it here?
was it here? stories

nctnana, she/her, intj. i like soft colors.
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(an excerpt from a book i'm in the process of writing.) yoohoo.

was it here?

by nct

remember when we lived here?

it was new and gray.

they always asked how it felt,

i never had much to say.

everything was dull, a blur to be forgotten.

perhaps it was my eyes; how old and worn they've gotten.

it could have been the lighting that made me feel opaque.

my senses could've been sleeping,

at least they know how to wake.

it must've been the house.

it must've been inside out.

'cause i watched the sun all day,

and forgot what it was about.

the blame could fall on the house ;

or the way i fit inside it.

it surely wasn't me who broke,

'cause i know how to hide it.

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