Program 8 : Basic Principles of Life 3.0
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Below are just my opinions and thoughts on things that are bothering me currently. Feel free to disagree or agree but do share your thoughts ;)

Program 8 : Basic Principles of Life 3.0

We live in a world today where questions are answered with more questions and even if there is a concrete answer it is almost never definite.

Some people have accepted the imperfections of this world and learnt to live amidst the issues around them.

They have stopped fighting for rights, stopped pursuing equality, stopped trying to find the right answer. Because in truth I believe we will never reach a point of ethereal.

Take Gender Equality as an example. General fact states that only 15% of firefighters are women. A lot of people view this as inequality. That in this particular job it favors man.

People are voicing out that women are treated inequality, that they are not given as much opportunities as men because of their gender.

But it is proven that man are physically more suited for this particular job than women hence hiring men is the more realistic choice.

This explains the unequal statistics and in this case inequality isn’t and issue at all because it is not about not giving opportunities but because the job called for men.

Logically its an inequality but realistically its right.

Other cases would be the issue of racism. People around the world, both celebrities, influencers and creators with their platform have addressed this topic time and time again.

They raise awareness by making videos or social media uploads about not discriminating others because of their color or because of their race.

But in truth most of these people voicing out their concerns about racism and asking everyone to spread love and kindness isn’t “victims”.

They aren’t political representatives or have any form of public platform to express their views.

The real “victims” of racisms are those whose voices are only rarely heard, or whose voices get silenced by racism.

I don’t believe in standing by when an issue is going on just because we are not affected by it and by no means am I saying that men are just better than women so they should not be hired

or that its not right to voice out our opinion about issues that we care about even if we didn’t experience it. But I think ugliness doesn’t always have to be fought with logic or even kindness.

Some things just can’t be achieve and they are like that not just because society shaped it that way but mostly because for it to be done otherwise is unrealistic and it totally miss the mark.

Gender inequality is an issue yes,

but does that mean we need to ensure that in a workplace of 10 we need to have 5 men and 5 women because we wants it to be equal even though the jobs are better catered for men.

So when do we draw the line?

Racism needs to be voiced out and it is amazing that these people are coming out to help those that do not have the microphone to sound out their thoughts and spread love and positivity.

But it’s another thing to ask those who are vulnerable to discrimination to suck it up and be nice to those who are dishing it. Such kindness and generosity is rarely if ever reciprocated.

Too often, people forget that the burden of racial tolerance is borne unequally by those who are its targets. Racism isn’t just about prejudice and discrimination; it’s also about power.

There are so many sides to a lot of issues and controversy in the world that I believe there is no right or wrong answer.

But at the end of the day, when you are only focused on achieving something for a “greater good”,

you tend to think that it needs to go one way because it is absolutely nasty and then you forget the other dimensions.

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