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Kobe Bryant Tribute

by nbascholar

Once upon a time there was a kid who wanted to be like Mike

(if not better...)

Kobe had a lot of fun & success with his friend Shaquille.

A threepeat, to be precise. The stuff of legends...

They are regarded by many as the best 1-2 punch in the NBA

Fun times seemed endless... a perfect Hollywood script.

And the W's kept coming...

Everyone was wondering if they could surpass the past Greats

The Russel Celtics, Magic's Lakers or Jordan's Bulls... the sky was the limit for these two. Until...

Ego got in the way. Arguments and fights became daily news

One of them had to leave. Shaq decided to go, leaving Kobe alone in LA.

in this time of gloom & doom Kobe showed us how good he was

While his beloved Lakers lost year after year.

Some magical moments were carved in basketball history

Stamped with Kobe Bryant brilliant skills and exquisite basketball IQ.

Kobe finally got the help he asked for. Fun times again!

Lamar Odom became a vital piece in the Lakers puzzle.

With the savvy Pau Gasol, all the stars were aligned.

Kobe Bryant had all the firepower required to get some more Championships!

Hey Kobe: don't forget your friend, Lamar Odom.

Now is the time to help him. Do you remember what he did for you? Amazing skill!

With 2 more titles, Kobe could finally relax and laugh :-)

He was one title shy of his idol, Michael "Air" Jordan.

He didn't reach the mythical sixth ring.

Nevertheless, he proved his critics wrong - he won without Shaq.

Kobe always found a way.

The last All-Star game with Kobe Bryant is getting near.

The circle is complete. Like his role model, Kobe Bryant denied a few superstars the ultimate glory.

The incredibly talented Chris Webber? No rings for him.

Culprit? Black Mamba!

A.I. ? Maybe next time!

R. Miller, arguably 1 of the best 3 shooters in NBA history?

Sorry Reggie, tough luck!

Captain Canada, maestro of the "7 seconds or less" brigade?

Not on Kobe's watch!

Dwight Howard? No NBA Finals magic for him!

Kobe Bryant has been named the "Michael Jordan" of his era.

Is there a better way for him to be remembered?

Full circle.

Enjoy the All-Star & the rest of your last season, Kobe!

Thank you for the countless epic moments! Just one more dunk, please...

The NBA Scholar subscribes. Keep on dreaming epic!

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