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nazneensayyedTrying to express through my words🖤
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Attachment, addiction and love , there's only a thin line between them. You think they love you but that not be the case , may be they are just attracted towards you or have an attachment with you.🖤

Holding On🖤

Holding on doesn't mean only connecting to each other socially. It doesn't mean to talk to each other on a daily basis without meeting in person. It doesn't mean to see each other just by sharing pictures or talking on long video calls. Ofcourse long distance relationships are maintained majorly through all this. But finally at some point of time they unite, unite in terms of marriage.

I don't believe in" relationships" that doesn't require marriage as their outcome of love. Why on earth do you need this "so called" relationship then? If you are desperate for only maintaining relationships and have no intentions to marry that person then why to hurt the other person's sentiments.

This is a generation where we have a lot of dating apps, why don't go and date someone. You don't require love to start these relationships, just date the person, have all those things done in love relationships, get satisfied and then at some point get seperated. And if you think you are holding on to your love just by being in touch then stop fooling yourself.

Holding on to your love means to make them your other half and you cannot do this by merely maintaining relationships. If your circumstances and other people's opinions regulates your relationship then better don't make one. If you really love them hold them and only them and if you cannot then stop pretending and fooling that you tried your best to hold them.

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