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nazknight Word Mechanic, Spoken Word Artist, Poet
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At first I was too broken to speak about what happened, so I wrote this and opened to door to the emotions


The moonlight Shone down On a lonely figure Highlighting his face And his watchful eye

He knew in his mind What he Would give her How slowly and surely He would watch her die

His skin was dark And his heart Not beating His thirst for blood Consumed him now

He saw her lips As she Sat eating He put on his act And gave a bow

He pulled his cloak Around his body He took a leap And was in flight

He was the darkness And owned everything in it Like a bird of prey He stalked the night

He saw her laughing And the life that was in her Dressed in white a sign of good

For a moment He felt sorry That he would hurt her But he needed blood And her blood was his food

In a moment a flash He was upon her His charm and grace Put her in a trance

He needed to feed Her blood was laughing He whisked her away In a moments glance

Her body he lay On white silk bedding Wiping his teeth On a white silk sleeve

Her golden flesh Spread out there for him Excitement and hunger He could hardly breathe

His teeth sunk in Her flesh was broken A lonely tear Ran down her cheek

What had he done What had he taken He'd drained her blood And her body went weak

Drunk with blood And the fear held within it He pulled on his cloak And leapt into flight

He was the darkness And owned everything in it Like a raven's shadow He merged into night

That was the last That he saw of his victim Her lying asleep On the hotel bed

Had he have known that When he had left her She was lying asleep And wasn't yet dead

The events of the day Might not have happened He might have made sure That the darkness was night

For when he set flight From the dark cellar window He flew into sunlight And not into night.

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