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A rogue escape.

Unlike Another

She fell in love with the idea of stargazing.

After days of explaining, she left home escaping chaos, to atop a mountain adventure waiting.

Atop that mountain loomed maps undiscovered.

She felt the earth seize coldness, not a cotton cloud at notice.

But one star exploded creating an ocean, defining itself beyond the term gorgeous.

Then stardust began to fall, raining her out of the moment.

And where she landed, not even a tracker would uncover, in a map undiscovered.

There she fell in love with a boy built out of globes.

For they met under a sky, of stars went rogue.

They found each other, when all life turned dust.

He offered her a dance when even the air didn't brush.

And in that dance all that felt home started to fade, the beginning in the end of a dream unlike another.

Retreating high to a sky that once blew stars.

She woke up in the cubic, from where she embarked.

Outside the moon still shinning on a canvas painted apart.

She remembered her journey, of nightfalls in raindrops.

Atop a mountain where hope unfolds. Under a theatrical sky of stars went rogue.

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