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"Even if by a glimmer..."

One Shield

This shield… How I pray for it to be strong.

Till this day it can’t hide its throb. I believe it’s worn down.

Broken pieces keep being restored from the ground.

You know much more than that of a brain, for you experience oceans of everythingness that you sometimes can’t comprehend.

I beg you just feel as though prepared this time round.

These circumstances I can’t rebind.

We have to live through it; it’s just the way we were bound.

I know you’re tired but you can’t wind out.

You have to unravel a little courage because I have to swim, I can’t drown.

I have no time for a breakdown. Yet I write this paper with round droplets streaming home.

If there was a stew to heal you. I would give you all, after I make it new.

But for you there is no such thing, you’ll only be better with the prayers rising from within,

my only stew for you. You might heal when a years’ time ticks.

If, another game round won’t kick in.

You’ll be left with the wounds that I felt, as though a knife sank thick. Please bear with me till this round goes dim.

For we have a thing of optimism and hope, if that’s the crime,

then let it flower this time.

We’ll make each other feel better even if by a glimmer.

Me by poetry and you by you.

Sometimes it might not be enough, life’s scorching, beating, dreadful and rough.

But at least you, my shield, will still be there, to and true.

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