Golden Mirrors

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This is the cycle that will never be torn.

Golden Mirrors

"This is the cycle that will never be torn."

Running and running in circles of afternoon.

Jumping and jumping till our hair meets the moon.

I'll get the walkie talkies and you get the gears.

We'll make a wand out cardboard's and glue.

Then I'll be the fairy and you be the guard. We'll be warriors on a battlefield aloud.

We'll be heroes and villains in fast cars.

We'll go to school and devour the vowels. We'll sing to tunes designed for our childhood hours.

We'll be the kings and Queens in our own royal realm.

Glancing at our reflections in golden mirrors.

And we'll never leave this magical sphere. Taking the wish and blowing all the years.

Now we're just teenagers, trying to hold up our dreams. Crashing and crashing into all we don't know.

And when we need silence that's when our hearts blows. Then play the music and all hearts will slow.

Oh, only yesterday we were 13.

Now we're 16 it's like we're old to infinity.

It's like almost an hour ago we didn't have teeth.

Someone just someone, grant us a watch. And we'll freeze time in this, magical moment.

But this is a cycle that will never be torn.

So quick! gather and gather all the guides. Let's pick an expedition we'd dare to survive.

Pocket money won't matter because we'll have our souls. They will be the compass to memories yet to record,

of heartbreaks and laughter.

We'll send messages to the stars, in candles alit.

We'll be dauntless graffiti artists, of words, actions and illustrations.

We'll scale buildings to see skylines

We'll scale buildings to see skylines and cross oceans to see cultures.

We'll live to see the sunrise and farewell to all the sunsets.

We blink again and we're staring at the same old golden mirror.

But now we're all wrinkled, decades have passed in just a twinkle.

Do you remember the days, when we were young? Abundance of imagination in everyone.

When all the journeys had begun.

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