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Just don't!

Creative Expression

All the equipment's said to each other "lets show them what they could do.

Plant in their souls from birth a spark of creativity. That'll live within them and grow when they decree.

Of endless embarks and empty paper stacks.

Lets build our sanctuary of various domes on the name of Artistry.

This will be the place where bones will heal to flesh.

Where you'll discover, the deepness of your depths.

Where tears will transform to ink and paint.

Where one can be transformed into beauties that fills all voids.

And where walls crash into a symphony of aurora lights.

So please don't throw that paper of mismatched words, they are the reflection of the sweet flaws you hold.

Don't worry if your installation's not perfect, just keep working with it and see what will come from it.

Don't force the lyrics to your unwritten song, listen to the breeze of the air make a beat, then write of all your untold bittersweet.

Don't redo that painting because the lines went south, embrace the mistake it's your creation, pour everything in its direction.

Don't give up when you fall, inhale a deep breath for cleansing doubt and dance the rhythm of your emotions out.

Don't feel bad because your pot or sculpture wasn't what you planned, their still a statement of the journey you have.

And don't be ashamed of the picture you took, there is a reason it was taken, there was amazing in its station and you saw it without hesitation.

Of course there will be competition.

You are many and many with more, that makes up this nation we stand for.

You have one definate thing alike and that is your passion to create. And all that separates you is how your souls translate it.

It is what drives you through the boundaries you thought existed.

Fill each other with inspiration and remind each other of your love of creating.

Please don't give up, explore every inch of your hearts capacities.

And if that doesn't take you far, you are art just the way you are.

This is a space built firm for your confessions.

Don't be demoralized by others dull impressions.

For Artists are loved for their creative expression".

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