A Century Of Sips

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At A Time.

A Century Of Sips

Take these seconds one sip at a time. And let the summer heat melt through these lines.

Glide with me in this moment, let's twirl in the sand. Journeys are fictional until they are planned.

These hours are feathers waiting for its band. So let's march into the city with our hearts as our maps.

We'll wander in wonder, imagining the sky in a grasp.

Let's take these seconds one sip at a time. This warmth is not forever, so let's cherish it found.

Today we'll fight nightmares, tomorrow a clan. These minutes are crucial because from them we are bound.

Our breaths are forsaken, in this void we are trapped. In this hour our sanity, is a yarn at its last.

So let's take these seconds one sip at a time. And look for the pink blossoms, under our white sometimes.

Capture this moment in a globe to admire. And let the winds wake us in our new destination.

Some hours are sweeter but can't be devoured. And some days are sour but digest into flowers.

Make these seconds one sip at a time. And slip into lifes lovely chimes.

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