It's Q&A friends!!!!
                It's Q&A friends!!!! questions stories

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This was really fun to do!

It's Q&A friends!!!!

So as I said in honor of a 100 followers I'm going to do a Q&A.


Well only two people have asked me questions but boy are they many! I'm so happy to answer them so Thank You @wrenwrites & @hubbyisjungkook for your questions!


Q: Some places you'd like to travel? I want to travel to a lot of places really but on my top list are Paris, London and Italy.

Q: What's your inspiration? My inspiration is basically everyday to day life you know my own experiences or someone else's. I also daydream a lot so I sometimes take ideas from there too.

Q: What's your favorite color? Why? I love blue, all shades. I don't know it's just relaxing. It reminds me of the ocean and waves. I also like baby pink for it just gives me the aesthetic vibe.

Q: Favorite music? I don't have a specific genre. I like all kinds of music. But my favorite artists are: Billie Eillish Taylor Swift & Aurora

Q: Some favorite pieces on this app? I have a lot of favorites. Well mostly from @anuponymous, especially his ' God's Office ' one.

Q: If you could be a cartoon character, which one would you be? Kim Possible.

Q: Favorite books/authors? I don't have any particular favorite authors but I do have two favorite books which are 'Little Women' and 'The Secret Garden'.

Q: Favorite season? Where i live we mostly have summer so summer it is.

Q: Movies or shows you like? I like simple classic movies (a little action but not too much) so for example: Little Women, Arrival, Inception, Interstellar etc etc. My favorite TV show has to be The Office US. Like I'm obsessed with that show. I also like Friends. The Crown also! Love that show.

Q: What's your most favorite thing to do? I love to draw a lot. That's what I have been doing this entire quarantine. And i love to read books. I'm currently reading 'Call Me By Your Name' if anyone's wondering.

Q: Favorite animal? Why? Quokka. They are just so cute!

Q: What do you dream of doing? Be a writer and helping people who don't have a voice. Changing views in the brown culture from which millions of girls and boys suffer. Help the kids who suffer from family issues. Yeah that's my dream.

And that's it!

This was really fun to do! If you guys have any other questions let me know and I'll be glad to answer. Hopefully in the future I will do more Q&As because this was really fun to do.

Thank you again! @wrenwrites & @hubbyisjungkook Really enjoyed it!


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