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It's on how a person struggles to open up to someone but fails to and how this affects them.

ineffable spirits

Whirled up in a storm of emotions

Can't let it out leaving this soul frozen

Want a hand to pull you out of this commotion

Open your heart to bring in some warmth calming this dark ocean

These tiresome eyes search for an island to lie down

Rest your aching soul to let the pain dig deep into the ground

A chill of air saying it's okay you're safe and sound

A person to trust has finally been found

But the struggle in the air still remains

You try to let out the hurricane but all that comes is a shower of rain

You can't open up your heart and show a proper evidence of your pain

The island you thought would bring sunshine brings frustration to your brain

Unable to leave an imprint of what you go through

They come up with distorted conclusions to describe you

Their own assumptions shaping up a story from what they view

Helpless and misunderstood you stand under your black cloud with no clue what to do

Your heart absorbs the pain while seeing through a red mist

Want to let out steam but instead you're trapped in a heatwave

Nursing negative feelings while holding new goals in two fists

Your island lying discarded in a shattered picture

Seated on your boat surrounded by cloudy waters

Questions shooting through your mind, seeking to destroy you

Thinking clearly winds up with you feeling bothered

Doubts on how you should feel drains you

So disappointed that only vague words can explain

Holding onto things they said would bring in fear of intimacy

Sadness rocks the boat to a deserted place you'll reclaim

It seems hard to breathe from all this grief

Committed to become less engaged in personal topics

As lonely eyes misses the support somewhere in the crowd

Emptiness suggests your imaginary life, so unrealistic

In your deserted place, how will love and support be found?

The ocean refers to the emotions the person goes through while the island refers to the person you confide in.

~Lauri and Nav

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