Warm Winter
Warm Winter  school stories

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freezing winters turned into warm summers🌝

Warm Winter

by Navy⚓

Today I realized he cares way more than I thought..

In the morning I had a brawl with my sis because she wanted to wear my blazer to school not hers and her blazer is too big for me.

In irritation I left my place in just my school uniform at 7

that too in freezing January cold..I m a person who shivers even in a slight cold weather and today it was 14° c and the strong biting winds didn’t help either

I had my exams today so it was mandatory to go..

My mum saw me leaving without a jacket and didn’t say a word..She didn’t care..or maybe she was too mad at me...

At school I was freezing to death..

my palm felt cold and my head hurt too much..and then ..

he came..my boyfriend..

Whom I have been dating for a couple of months..I knew he will be mad on seeing me like this..because he always complains that I don’t take care of myself..

I tried to smooth out my goose bumps

and control my breathing.. the first thing he said on approaching me was “where the hell is your blazer” I told him. and he said -

”lemma get you my blazer”..

he wore blazer on his bike ride to the school.he was immune to the weather but I didn’t want him to get ill so I always insisted him on wearing it..But he never brings it into school

I said i was good...

but he being 'him’ the typical stubborn boy that he is.. won’t listen! he instantly ran down the stairs n within moments was standing in front of me with the blazer..

It was way too big for me but I didn’t care..

It was his..it felt like him..he just smiled and left for his class.

i couldn’t stop blushing & thinking:

my mom who has been with me since 16 years wasn’t bothered about me getting cold or me being ill and he, a guy who is in my life for 4 months cares for me so much..

during the time of dispersal ..

I tried to return it back to him but he wanted me to keep it..he said he would manage and his priority was me being warm..

little did he knew

his gesture lit a fire inside me.. Keeping me warm and happy for days..maybe forever!

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