That Friend
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She picked me up. She cared for me. She protected me.

- for a friend to another friend who is faraway.

That Friend

Let me tell you a story. My story

I lived in a meadow. Belonged there since birth but always dreamt of the world

To feel the breeze up my body; To feel the rain on my face.

But I am a crippler Bound to the ground by birth I was taught to be weak To wish for nothing more than the soil Sky was off-limits

I always use to look up to the giant tree next to me

She was the alpha. The most beautiful, holy and enchanting one. Smiling, singing, swaying with all the birdies and dancing with the wind.

She looked like a goddess. And she was kind like an Angel. People came from far to see her; to touch her. to spend just one, a single moment with her.

And every time they left… they took a part of her. Her fruits, her leaves, her branches. Something as a souvenir for the time they spent with her.

I admired her and maybe she never noticed me. And honestly, I was a little intimidated too. She was majestic and pure.

She was the empress and I was a normal crippler, weak, worthless. I had nothing to offer.

And then one day when flood came and everything was getting ruined... I thought it was the end of me. That I would die without experiencing anything because that is what I was supposed to do. Right?

But then her branches touched my weak body causing a sensation. Her smile through the moonlight was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

In the disastrous weather with thunder and lightning I could feel her rays glowing through. She picked me up without asking, without saying a word.

She twirled me round and I felt the chills of cold air on my miserable self. I could see things I had never seen in my life.

Then she placed me on the tallest branch. I could see the world. The clouds felt like neighbors and I was flying. She even made the disaster beautiful

And when she placed me down, I thought it was the end of this beautiful encounter. But it was not so...

She helped me. She knew it was my job to grow and made it hers to help.

She did her part and I did mine. And now 2 years later...

I am stronger and bonded more than I have ever been. Now I experience the holiness too. I have the happiness too. I know what living without fear is like.

I know what friendship is.

***************** I am sorry everyone I have been off for a while now. Actually the thing is my college has begun and i have daily assignments leaving me no time. Thank you for your patience. ***************** - Navy⚓

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