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my best friend..who is everything to me

she the one...

by navynohwal30

I was angry with my parents so thought of visiting my bestie

because i had lost my phone and had no way of communicating her..i asked my mom to call her ..and left..

I reached her was 1:38 in the the hot sun

i waited near her apartment gate..coz her mom is not so fond of me..i waited for like 10 good min..and then got frustrated and left...

went home..banged the door..kicked my shoes out

i changed and went to mom came to checked..she called my best friend, and gave me the phone..i yelled and said i don't wanna talk and told her to leave me alone..

She was almost in tears and telling to come meet her

But in my super bad mood i ignored her..

I have been in a very bad mood since morning

I was dealing with a lot ..with a lot of anxiety and stress from the past days and it all came out at once..i din't wanted to get angry on her..and din't wanted to spoil 'her' mood coz of my mood

i went to bed...

i did nothing but lay there.. trying to sleep..but couldn't..a few minutes bedroom's door clicked open and i heard my mom's voice...

I thought my mom was coming in my room...

but it was not my was my best friend..!! she came to pick me up..i couldn't think of anything..and i just hugged her..!

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